Employee Profile: Clare Garguilo

Earlier this month, Clare Garguilo celebrated her 15th Anniversary working at Yale. In those fifteen years she has worked with students, professors, and doctors. Starting as a temp in Graduate Studies she worked primarily with Yale students, and then moved to the financial side of things and is currently a Financial Assistant in the Yale Cancer Center Business Office. In her role she is responsible for assisting accountants with finances related to Medical Oncology, Hematology, Palliative Care, Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers, and Neuro-Oncology.
In the three years that Clare has been with the Cancer Center, she explained that she has grown and learned the most in the shortest amount of time. Having taken advantage of all the opportunities offered to her, Clare has knowledge of many of the different facets at Yale and was able to work her way up to managing finances. "I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given working at Yale. I have cultivated so many lasting and wonderful relationships and have gained so much valuable knowledge along the way," said Clare.
Clare's main responsibilities include assisting with iExpense reports and JSA's.  She makes sure that everything is charged correctly and that all the back-up documentation required is there. JSA's are filed when a new expense is created and require authorization before they can be sent for processing.  For this task, Clare must work directly with office administrators, the Accounts Payable Office, research lab assistants, the Procurement Department, etc. in order to ensure all money is accounted for.  She explained that this requires a lot of attention to detail and focus for each report.