Nutrition Resources

Side effects from cancer and its treatment can affect how you eat. Decreased food intake can be serious. It can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, loss of muscle strength and increase risk of infection. Weight loss can also interfere with your treatments. After treatment is completed, you may be interested in learning how to improve eating habits to achieve your best possible health.
Ask your physician or nurse to schedule you to meet with a Registered Dietitian at Smilow Cancer Hospital to learn how to manage these issues. A Registered Dietitian can help by:
  • Recommending nutrition approaches to help decrease side effects.
  • Help you stay at a healthy body weight by calculating your energy and protein needs.
  • Provide samples and suggestions for nutritional products.
  • Provide fact-based information regarding dietary supplements.
  • Provide reliable answers for any nutrition questions.

Seasonal Nutrition Cookbook