Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao MD

Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases); Chief, Digestive Diseases, VA-CT Healthcare System; Director, Clinical and Translational Core, Yale Liver Center; Program Director, VA-CT Hepatitis C Resource Center

Research Interests

Cirrhosis; Natural history of cirrhosis; Gastroesophageal varices; Variceal hemorrhage; Ascites; Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis; Hepatorenal syndrome

Research Summary

I am primarily involved in clinical research which focuses on cirrhosis and its complications. A major area of interest is describing the natural history of cirrhosis and its complications and the predictors of death at different stages. Another major area of interest is in the pathophysiology and treatment of portal hypertension, investigating the usefulness of portal-pressure reducing drugs and their impact in the prevention and treatment of gastroesophageal varices and variceal hemorrhage. I am also involved in the research of the development of bacterial infections in cirrhosis, a complication that is often overlooked and constitutes a rising complication of cirrhosis. Another area of research involves therapeutic modalities in the treatment of ascites which include the use of large volume paracentesis and transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts, as well as therapeutic modalities to prevent the post-paracentesis circulatory dysfunction and the treatment of hepatorenal syndrome.

Selected Publications

  • Garcia-Tsao, G. Treatment of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis with oral ofloxacin. Inpatient or outpatient therapy? Gastro 111:1147-1150, 1996.
  • Garcia-Tsao, G. Further evidence in favor of pharmacological portal pressure reduction in the prevention of variceal hemorrhage. Gastro 112:1770-1771, 1997.
  • Garcia-Tsao, G. Portal hypertension. Curr Opinion Gastro 13:263-270, 1997.
  • Escorsell, A., Ferayorni, L., Bosch, J., Garcia-Pagan, J.C., Garcia-Tsao, G., Grace, N.D., Rodes, J., Groszmann, R.J. The portal pressure response to -blockade is greater in cirrhotic patients without varices than in those with varices. Gastro 112:2012-2016, 1997.
  • Garcia-Tsao G. Cirrhotic ascites: pathogenesis and management. The Gastroenterologist. 1995 3: 41-54 .

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