Neuroblastoma Biology Studies (COG ANBL00B1) {CIRB}


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Trial Purpose

Evaluate the factors currently used for risk-group assignment (DNA content, MYCN copy number, and tumor histology) in patients with newly diagnosed neuroblastoma or ganglioneuroblastoma. Assess the prevalence of 1p, 11q, 14q loss of heterozygosity and gain of 17q; the expression of nerve growth factor and its high affinity (Trk-A) and low affinity (p75NTR) receptors; and telomerase activity in these patients. Compare the independent clinical significance of these biological factors with MYCN amplification, International Neuroblastoma Staging system stage, age, and histologic variables in predicting response to treatment or outcome in these patients. To prospectively analyze the concordance between detection of MYCN amplification in tumor samples and quantitative detection of MYCN DNA in serum, and to analyze the prognostic significance of MYCN amplification as detected in serum samples. To build a database that includes information regarding the presentation and natural history of neuroblastoma-associated health problems including, but not limited to, opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia (OMA) and/or spinal cord compression. Maintain a reference bank containing clinically and genetically characterized frozen tumor tissue, tumor DNA and RNA, tumor touch preparations, histology slides and blocks, cell lines, and paired normal DNA obtained at time of diagnosis, second-look surgery, and relapse for future research studies. Build a database of known biological prognostic factors for patients on therapeutic studies.

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