Haiqun Lin MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health (Biostatistics)

Research Interests

Statistical methods for time-varying biological responses

Research Summary

My primary research interests lie in the development and application of statistical methods for biological responses that vary in time and occasion, for example: biomarker readings over time; gene expression profiles in different cell lines and under different biological conditions; and tumor recurrence. My biostatistical research areas include: joint modeling of longitudinal responses and event process; latent class models with random effects; and analysis of longitudinal responses in the presence of missing and confounding data. I am collaborating with researchers in cancer, nutrition, health service evaluation and psychiatry.

Selected Publications

  • Lin, H.Q., Guo, Z.C., Peduzzi, P.N., Gill, T.M., and Allore, H.A. A Semiparametric Transition Model with Latent Traits for Longitudinal Multistate Data. Biometrics, in press.
  • Lin, H.Q., Feng, Z., Yu, Y., Zheng, Y., Shivapurkar, N., and Gazdar, A.F. Application of Multidimensional Selective Item Response Regression Model for Studying Multiple Gene Methylation in SV40 Oncogenic Pathways. Journal of the American Statistical Association, in press, 2007.
  • Lin, H.Q., Scharfstein, D.O., and Rosenheck, R.A. Analysis of longitudinal data with informative follow-up. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B 66(3): 791-813, 2004.
  • Lin, H.Q., McCulloch, C.E., and Rosenheck, R.A. Latent pattern mixture model for informative intermittent missing data in longitudinal studies. Biometrics 60(2): 295-305, 2004.
  • Lin, H.Q., McCulloch, C.E., and Mayne, S.T. Maximum likelihood estimation in the joint analysis of time-to-event and multiple longitudinal variables. Statistics in Medicine 21(16): 2369-2382, 2002
  • Lin, H.Q., Turnbull, B.W., McCulloch, C.E. and Slate, E.H. Latent class models for joint analysis of longitudinal biomarker and event process data. Journal of the American Statistical Association 457: 53-65, 2002.
  • Lin, H.Q., Yeh, C.B., Peterson, B.S., et al. Assessment of symptom exacerbations in a longitudinal study of children with Tourette syndrome or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 41(9): 1070-1077, 2002.
  • Lin, H.Q., McCulloch, C.E., Turnbull, B.W., Slate, E.H., and Clark, L.C. A latent class mixed model for analyzing biomarker trajectories with irregularly scheduled observations. Statistics in Medicine 19: 1303-1318, 2000.

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