Current Funding Opportunities

Yale Spore in Skin Cancer Developmetal Research Awards

The YALE SPORE in Skin Cancer is pleased to announce the availability of DEVELOPMENTAL RESEARCH AWARDS beginning 15 September 2014 to fund projects in amounts up to $50,000 for one year (Projects may be eligible for a second year of funding, pending receipt and review of a competitive renewal application that documents unequivocal progress during the first year of funding.)

Developmental Research Program Awards are intended to support a broad spectrum of innovative pilot projects applicable to human skin cancer risk, prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. To be funded, DRP projects must have promising translational research potential, i.e., direct application to human skin cancer, and there must be the expectation that they can evolve into, or be incorporated into, full projects with an unequivocal translational component funded either within this SPORE or as independent R01 (or equivalent) grants.

Detailed instructions for applications may be obtained by email from robert.tigelaar@yale.edu

Application Deadline: August 25, 2014

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Yale Spore in Skin Cancer Career Development Award

The YALE SPORE in Skin Cancer is pleased to announce the availability of a CAREER DEVELOPMENT AWARD beginning 15 September 2014 to provide funds of up to $60,000 for one year (recipient may be eligible for a second year of funding, pending receipt and review of a competitive renewal application that documents unequivocal progress during the first year of funding.)

The purpose of the Yale SPORE in Skin Cancer Career Development Program is to more clearly focus the career development of the selected individual towards clinically relevant skin cancer biology and to specifically give them the tools to enable their contributing seminal advances in this area, as well as continuity of their individual cancer research programs. It is intended that the beneficiaries of this funding will be well grounded in both the biology of the relevant skin cells and mainstream cancer research, will have distinctive skill and knowledge sets that make them unique and individually fundable and give them a recognized identity in both the traction on the cancer biology “conveyor belt.” Accordingly, it will be necessary to tailor each individual’s developmental program to his or her particular interests and needs.

Detailed instructions for applications may be obtained by email from robert.tigelaar@yale.edu

Application Deadline: August 25, 2014

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National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award
The NCI is pleased to announce the Outstanding Investigator Award (OIA) funding opportunity announcement.  The OIA will support investigators with outstanding records of productivity in cancer research with up to $600,000 in direct costs per year for 7 years to provide funding stability.  NCI anticipates making about 50 awards annually.

The OIA will allow funded investigators the freedom to embark on long-term projects of unusual potential in cancer research; the opportunity to take greater risks and be more adventurous in their lines of inquiry; and sufficient time to develop new techniques. 

Applications must be submitted by Institutions who have nominated a Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) with outstanding productivity in cancer research as a recipient of NCI grant(s) for at least the past 5 years. The PD/PI will be expected to commit at least 50% of his/her research activities to the OIA; the Institution will be expected to commit at least 20% salary support.

Please contact Daniel DiMaio if interested in submitting a LOI from Yale Cancer Center.
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Center for Cancer Research Clinical Investigator Development Program
The Center for Cancer Research (CCR), a Division of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is pleased to announce its annual call for applications for Clinical Investigator Development Program (CIDP). This is an exciting training opportunity intended for physicians interested in dedicating their careers to clinical research. Candidates may be U.S. citizens, permanent residents or possess (or be eligible for) the appropriate work visa and must have successfully completed subspecialty training at a U.S.-accredited institution in appropriate fields.
Application Deadline: October 30, 2014
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Yale Cancer Center 2014 Rausch Pilot Research Grant
To provide seed money to members of Yale Cancer Center (YCC) to enable investigators to engage in
innovative cancer research, with the goal of facilitating new research on the fundamental causes of, or an effective cure for, cancer. We anticipate funding two to three pilot grants. Priorities for the pilot grants include studying and/or ameliorating sociodemographic disparities in cancer incidence or outcomes; the prevention and/or treatment of women’s cancers, as well as neighborhood/urban or other community factors that contribute to cancer etiology. Preference will be given to research that has a high likelihood of having a demonstrable community impact in the Greater New Haven area.

Application Deadline: The original application and one copy should be delivered to Janice Zulkeski by August 14th, 2014


NCCN Enzalutamide Research Grant Opportunity
National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is pleased to announce that it has received a research grant from Astellas Pharma, Inc. and Medivation, Inc. to support NCCN investigator initiated clinical and pre-clinical studies of enzalutamide in the treatment of selected solid tumors. A Request for Proposals (RFP) is available by clicking the link below. The document clearly outlines the scope and process that will be followed for the submission of Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Proposals. In brief, investigators are asked to submit an LOI detailing proposed studies. Following the peer review of LOIs, selected investigators will be invited to submit full proposals. The overall aim of this RFP is to develop innovative studies of enzalutamide in prostate, breast, hepatocellular, bladder, and gynecologic cancers. It is hoped that the LOIs submitted in response to this RFP will prove useful in guiding the further development of enzalutamide. Collaborative studies between NCCN Member Institutions are encouraged.   

View RFP for the NCCN/Enzalutamide Research Grant Opportunity

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LOIs are due by 5:00 PM EDT, Monday, July 28, 2014.

Proposals for selected investigators are due by 5:00 PM EDT, Monday, October 27, 2014.

For additional information, please contact Doreen Walker, Administrative Assistant, Oncology Research Program, at 215.690.0565 or via e-mail at Walker@nccn.org.

Yale Cancer Center/Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven Grants for Small Projects to Improve Patient Care Grants for Small Projects to Improve Patient Care
Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven are pleased to announce a new program to fund small projects to improve patient care at Smilow Cancer Hospital. Monies for this program have come through our “Closer to Free” fund.  Any employee at Smilow Cancer Hospital who develops a small project may apply by submitting an application for review. Projects can range from a patient education program to stress management for staff.  In order to be eligible, the employee must be sponsored by a current Cancer Center Member. A listing of active cancer center members is on the web site.

Grant Details
Amount: $2,500 to $5,000 each
Eligibility: Employees of Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven
Sponsorship: Member of Yale Cancer Center
Application: Limited to 3 pages, typed, double spaced; plus budget with justification   (3 copies)
Application sheet: Project Due Date
Project Description
Budget Justification
Submit to Renee Gaudette: renee.gaudette@yale.edu
For questions, contact Dr. Ruth McCorkle by email: ruth.mccorkle@yale.edu


Damon Runyon Fellowship Award
The Damon Runyon Fellowship Award is designed to provide early career scientists with resources to hone their cancer research skills and explore their own ideas while working with mentors in top universities and cancer research centers. Awards are intended to support the fellow under direct supervision of the sponsor.

The award provides a stipend of $50,000 per year for three years for Level I funding, and $60,000 per year for three years for Level II funding. (Physician-scientists who have completed their residencies, clinical training, and are board eligible will receive Level II funding.) The award may not be used for institutional overhead or indirect costs. Fellows also receive an annual $2,000 expense allowance for educational and scientific expenses.
Application Deadline: August 15, 2014

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AGA Foundation - 2014 Funderburg Research Award in Gastric Cancer
The American Gastroenterological Association is inviting applications for the 2014 Funderburg Research Award. The award is designed to support an established investigator working on novel approaches in gastric cancer research, including the fields of gastric mucosal cell biology, regeneration and regulation of cell growth (not as they relate to peptic ulcer disease or repair), inflammation (including Helicobacter pylori) as precancerous lesions, genetics of gastric carcinoma, oncogenes in gastric epithelial malignancies, epidemiology of gastric cancer, etiology of gastric epithelial malignancies, or clinical research in the diagnosis or treatment of gastric carcinoma. Please note, AGA membership is required at the time of application submission. Funding up to $100,000 over 2 years.
Application Deadline: August 29, 2014
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Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research Program
The Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research Program supports assistant professors of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of a cure for cancer. The award
provides $240,000 in flexible support-$60,000 per year for a four-year period. Through the generosity of the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust, Pew was able to expand the Scholars program in 2014 to add an additional five researchers each year to be named Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research.

Yale Cancer Center members who want to be considered for the Pew-Steward Scholars for Cancer Research Program should send Daniel DiMaio their CV and a one page research summary by June 27th.

Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program
Era of Hope Scholar Award
Independent, non-mentored investigators within 6 years of their last training position (e.g., postdoctoral fellowship, medical residency, clinical fellowship) as of the application submission deadline

  • Supports exceptionally talented, creative early-career scientists who have demonstrated that they are the "best and brightest" in their fields.
  • PIs should articulate a vision that challenges current dogma and demonstrates an ability to look beyond tradition and convention. 
  • PIs should exhibit strong potential for leadership in the breast cancer community 
  • PIs must include breast cancer advocates on their research team. 
  • Maximum funding of $2.5M for direct costs (plus indirect costs) 
  • Period of performance not to exceed 5 years 

Letter of Intent Deadline: August 1, 2014
Application Deadline: August 15, 2014    

Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program

The award provides financial support to 2 junior faculty researchers for a 2-year period up to $130,000.

Application Deadline: September 5, 2014

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