Dena Schulman-Green

Research Scientist in Nursing

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Cancer Prevention and Control

Cancer Prevention and Control

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Selected Publications

  • Cherlin, E., Barry, C. L., Prigerson, H. G., Schulman-Green, D., Johnson-Hurzeler, R., Kasl, S. V. & Bradley, E. H. (2007). Bereavement Services For Family Caregivers: Who Uses, Why and Why Not. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 10(1), 148-158.
  • Xue, Y., Schulman-Green, D., Harris, D., Donovan, C., Loseth, D. & McCorkle, R. (2007). Pain attitudes and knowledge among nurses, pharmacists and physicians on an inpatient oncology service. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 11(5), 687-695.
  • Schulman-Green, D., Naik, A. D., McCorkle, R., Bradley, E. H. & Bogardus, S. T. (2006). Goal setting as a shared decision making strategy among clinicians and their older patients. Patient Education and Counseling, 63(1/2), 145-151.


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