Mehdi Djekidel MD

Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology; Director of Nuclear Radiology and PET-CT Fellowships

Departments & Organizations

Radiobiology & Radiotherapy

Diagnostic Radiology

Research Interests

PET Imaging in Epilepsy; Imaging in Tourette's; Imaging Biomarkers; Radioproteomics; Radiogenomics; Quantitation  more...


  • M.D., Algiers University, 2001

Selected Publications

  • Ahmed R, Yao X, Fourzali Y, Djekidel M (2013) Pre-Treatment FDG PET Bone Marrow (BM) Uptake and Disease Involvement. Can Semiquantitative Measures Discriminate Between A Normal, Hypercellular or Infiltrated Bone Marrow? J Bone Marrow Res 1: 115. doi:10.4172/jbmr.1000115
  • Djekidel M (2013) The Metabolic Signature of Tumors as an Imaging Biomarker in Staging, Restaging and Therapy Response on FDG PET. OMICS J Radiology 2: 116 doi:10.4172/2167-7964.1000116
  • Djekidel M, Wang P, Piert M, Mukherji SK, Brown RK (2013) Warthin’s Tumor Multimodality Imaging. Anatomical and Scintigraphy Imaging Review, Including PET-CT and SPECT-CT. OMICS J Radiology 2: 117 doi:10.4172/2167-7964.1000117



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