John K Rose PhD

Professor of Pathology; Director, Molecular Virology Program

Research Interests

Virology; Vaccine and gene expression vectors based on rhabdoviruses; Membrane protein assembly, transport and targeting; Viral assembly

Research Summary

The research in our laboratory is focused on novel approaches to vaccine development based on recombinant viruses and on specific targeting of viral vectors. Several years ago our group developed methodology for generating recombinants of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) starting from plasmid DNA. VSV is a simple membrane-enveloped, negative-strand RNA virus that grows to high titers in most animal cells. These recombinant VSVs expressing foreign viral proteins induce potent cellular and humoral immune responses to the foreign proteins in animals and protect from infection or disease caused by other viruses such as influenza, measles, respiratory syncytial virus, SARS, and a monkey AIDS virus. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms by which the recombinants generate such strong immune responses and in ways to enhance these responses further while improving vector safety. In addition, we are developing novel priming and boosting vaccine vectors based on propagating replicons of positive-strand RNA viruses.

Extensive Research Description

Vaccine development employing vectors based on recombinant negative-strand RNA viruses. Assembly of enveloped viruses. Specific targeting of viral vectors. Intracellular transport and targeting of viral and cellular membrane proteins.

Selected Publications

  • A. Chattopadhyay, Wang, E., Seymour, R., weaver S.C., Rose, J.K. (2013) A Chimeric Vesiculo/alphavirus Is an Effective Alphavirus Vaccine J. Virol. 87:395-402
  • Schwartz, J.A., Buonocore, L., Suguitan, A., Jr., Hunter, M., Marx, P.A., Subbarao, K., and Rose, J.K. (2011). Vesicular stomatitis virus-based H5N1 avian influenza vaccines induce potent cross-clade neutralizing antibodies in rhesus macaques. J Virol 85, 4602-4605.
  • Schell, J.B., Rose, N.F., Bahl, K., Diller, K., Buonocore, L., Hunter, M., Marx, P.A., Gambhira, R., Tang, H., Montefiori, D.C., et al. (2011). Significant Protection against High-Dose Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Challenge Conferred by a New Prime-Boost Vaccine Regimen. J Virol 85, 5764-5772.
  • Rose, N. F., Publicover, J., Chattopadhyay, A., and Rose, J. K. (2008). Hybrid alphavirus-rhabdovirus propagating replicon particles are versatile and potent vaccine vectors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105:5839-43.
  • Ramsburg, E, Rose, NF, Marx, PA, Mefford, M, Nixon, DF, Moretto, WJ, Montefiori, D, Earl, P, Moss, B & Rose, JK (2004) Highly effective control of an AIDS virus challenge in macaques by using vesicular stomatitis virus and modified vaccinia virus Ankara vaccine vectors in a single-boost protocol. J Virol 78, 3930-3940.
  • Rose, NF, Marx, PA, Luckay, A, Nixon, DF, Moretto, WJ, Donahoe, SM, Montefiori, D, Roberts, A, Buonocore, L & Rose, JK (2001) An effective AIDS vaccine based on live attenuated vesicular stomatitis virus recombinants. Cell 106, 539-549.

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