Additional Resources-Genetic Counseling

Cancer Genetic Counseling provides genetic counseling and testing services and high-risk ascertainment for researchers who wish to utilize genetic testing as part of their research studies.

CGC offers the following services to YCC investigators:

  • Genetic counseling, informed consent and sample collection services to patients who undergo genetic testing as part of a research protocol;
  • Consultation, content expert guidance, and collaboration to researchers developing protocols that will include genetic testing for cancer susceptibility genes. This includes assistance with various IRB's (Yale IRB as well as Hospital IRB's) consent forms and approval process;
  • Access to patient populations of interest who have participated in the cancer genetic counseling program and who have demonstrated an interest in participating in research;
  • Training for graduate students in genetic counseling in the area of cancer genetics during a three month fellowship, during which time they will assist and participate in clinical research. Once trained, these genetic counselors will be able to function as cancer genetic counselors in academic medical settings. Medical students and medical residents also receive training through this Shared Resource.

Ellen T. Matloff, MS, Director
(203) 764-8400