Assessment of the Decision-making Impact of the Breast Cancer Index in Recommending Extended Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy for Patients with Early Stage ER-positive Breast Cancer


What is the purpose of this trial?

Five independent randomized clinical trials confirmed the benefit of extended adjuvant endocrine therapy (for a total duration of 10 years) in patients who have completed 5 years of endocrine therapy for early stage ER-positive breast cancer. However, the absolute number of recurrences is low, and the side effects of long duration of endocrine therapy can be significant. In order to decide which women are at highest risk for recurrence after 5 years, and therefore should be treated with extended adjuvant therapy, additional information may be helpful. Recently a diagnostic test, the Breast Cancer Index (BCI), has become commercially available to estimate the risk of late recurrence and potential benefit from extended endocrine therapy. This study is designed to examine the decision a patient and her doctor makes about extended (beyond 5 years) endocrine therapy, both before and after the results of the BCI test result is known.

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